Just a Short Thought

Today has been a busy day with just enough time for a short entry Allen Savory during his now famous TED talkTED2013. Long Beach, CA. February 25 - March 1, 2013. Photo: James Duncan Davidson Greetings again. I don't have a whole lot of time for a detailed entry today. I just want to share … Continue reading Just a Short Thought

What has helped me… Part 3

Utilization of some mindfulness techniques can be crucial in dealing with anxiety I keep having red calves this year. No new bulls, no new cows, but a lot of them are having red calves instead of black. I'm fine with it. I think the red calves tend to be a little more weather tolerant than … Continue reading What has helped me… Part 3

What has helped me in dealing? Part 2

Yesterday was National Dog Day. Figured I would include a picture of Finn in his element Greetings. Thanks to those of you who reached out and gave me your feedback and testimonies regarding my latest post about my experiences using medication for anxiety treatment. It's something that I've struggled with accepting so it felt good … Continue reading What has helped me in dealing? Part 2

What Has Helped Me… Part 1

My path to overcoming my own battles with anxiety has been a long and tough road. I've tried many therapies along the way. Some have worked great, some have not. I'm here to share a few of my experiences. This past Saturday I joined a group of girls for an early morning run... something my … Continue reading What Has Helped Me… Part 1

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

GREETINGS AGAIN! I've been thinking a lot about why there is so much aversion to speaking about behavioral health. Why is there a stigma associated with a problem that so many people face? I believe that the best explanation is that people just don't understand it. We believe that since we can't measure someones depression … Continue reading Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Embrace The Suck

Corn yields in Hamilton County, Neb. are impressing scouts.( Pro Farmer Crop Tour scouts ) In the military, there’s this concept called “embrace the suck,” which is defined as To consciously accept or appreciate something that is extremely unpleasant but unavoidable. I think that this is a concept that can relate to all of us in … Continue reading Embrace The Suck

Circle of Life

Yesterday, I took 3 finished calves to the butcher to be processed. Why I am comfortable with this process and the benefits it provides. A few pictures of our farm raised, barn finished calves. Up top were calves that we fed to be sold to local families for beef. Below, Carter leads two of our … Continue reading Circle of Life

Power Start To My Week

Getting a good run in Monday morning after a spiritual Sunday was a great start to my week Jake Olson was a longsnapper on the USC football team from 2015-2018. He lost his complete eyesight when he was 12 years old after a battle with retinoblastoma Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to give a talk … Continue reading Power Start To My Week

Ag State of Mind Featured on Phelps Health Podcast

My buddy Dr. Forrest Rackham,PsyD, and I after our show on KTTR Happy Friday everyone!!! I just wanted to say how cool it was to be on the radio in my home area speaking about a topic near and dear to my heart. If you didn't get the chance to hear it live, check out … Continue reading Ag State of Mind Featured on Phelps Health Podcast

2019: The Year I Changed My Health

2019 has been a year of awakenings. How my health changed along my journey Getting Runs in can be tough at our house. Getting date nights can be even tougher. So often times, we combine the two!! As 2018 closed, we did what we do at the end of every year. We sat down as … Continue reading 2019: The Year I Changed My Health