Important Things To Remember When Markets Plunge

The beginning of this week saw both grain and cattle markets take a significant dip. Some important things to remember while we are going through lean times. Wyatt Bechtel ( Weaning or Backgrounding Calves The first two days of this week have been tough for the ag industry. Monday, we saw the cattle futures tumble … Continue reading Important Things To Remember When Markets Plunge

Take Time For Loved Ones

Our crazy family after church, Mother's Day 2019 In a fast paced society, our relationships often take a back seat to our careers and other obligations. Greetings All! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. At our house, we were able get some of our hay put in the barn, attend church, and celebrate our … Continue reading Take Time For Loved Ones

Be Mindful of Cyberbullies

We are seeing increasing numbers of ag producers becoming transparent on social media. This, in turn, is causing an increase in the number of nasty "activists" who troll those same well meaning producers. How can we be vigilant in combatting these cyberbullies. An article on Morning Ag Clips described the increasing pressures being put … Continue reading Be Mindful of Cyberbullies

Vacation: Why It’s Important…Especially For Farm Families!

Hello! I'm coming to you from my first day back into the real world following our vacation to Estes Park, Colorado. What a beautiful place! I highly recommend it as a vacation destination if you and your family enjoy the outdoors and nature. We soaked up our time there hiking, kayaking, spending time with some … Continue reading Vacation: Why It’s Important…Especially For Farm Families!

Back from Colorado!

Greetings! We are back from Colorful Colorado. I love to get away to the mountains but am always happy to return home to Missouri!! Good to see green grass and trees!! I have a lengthy post planned for this week regarding the importance of vacation, especially to those of us involved in agriculture. But for … Continue reading Back from Colorado!

Greetings from Estes Park

Hello. I’ve been busy the last couple of days exploring God’s creation in the Rockies . The mountains are my favorite place to explore!! Everyone have a great few days and I’ll be back at in next week!! Ran into this guy on my run this morning. I was a lot more concerned with him … Continue reading Greetings from Estes Park

Addressing the Disconnect Between Producers and Consumers

Food sourcing has become a hot button topic among those in the agriculture community recently. What is food sourcing and how can it affect the mindset of our farm businesses? Valley Oaks Steak Co. of Lone Jack, Missouri is in the midst of a lawsuit filed by neighboring residents. The new buzz in the food … Continue reading Addressing the Disconnect Between Producers and Consumers