Podcast Availability

Starting a podcast is a little scary and very humbling. I’m thankful that I didn’t listen to my doubts and am deciding to move forward with this

Greetings on this Monday!

I spoke to a lot of you over the weekend about my upcoming podcast “Ag State Of Mind.” I am incredibly gracious to everyone taking such an interest in this passion project of mine. I can’t wait to get it off of the ground. Many of you want to know how to access this podcast. That is in the works but you should be able to access it from a couple of places.

  • I will submit the podcast to Apple to have it available in iTunes. This is a bit of a waiting game, as there is a line to get in this door. It can take a few days or a few weeks, depending on how many people are wanting to get in.
  • I will have a RSS feed linked on this webpage. agstateofmind.health.blog. You will be able to access all the podcasts from here along with the show notes

I will make posts on this page and all of my socials when the podcast is live. My goal is to have it live on September 30 to coincide with International Podcast Day. (This was completely by coincidence. When I started brainstorming and making goals for this project, I said I wanted to have the podcast launched by the end of Septermber. So, naturally, I chose Septermber 30 as my goal launch date. It was a couple of weeks after that I discovered this happened to be International Podcast Day. I say coincidence, but I actually do not believe in that. I believe it was actually divine intervention.

I am beyond excited for this passion project of mine. I can’t believe the support and outreach I’ve gotten already. It’s a bit bittersweet because I’m sad that this is such an issue. However, I am so happy to do my own small part to bring this issue to the forefront. Farmers and ranchers are a fiercely independent bunch. A very positive, and necessary, character trait. Unfortunately, this independence does not serve them well when help is needed. My goal and mission is to allow these self sufficient folks a place to reach to when they are in need. A place to go to find out that there are others, like them, who are struggling.

I’m also excited to just talk about farming and ranching with folks from outside my own circle. I’m excited to talk to ranchers in the high altitude ranges of wyoming and Idaho. I’m excited to talk to the dairy farmers in Wisconsin. Over the weekend, I was able to reach out and make a connection with a couple who own a grass based dairy outside of Cork… IRELAND!!! What a time to be alive!

Again, I’m so excited for this project. I’m happy folks who are close to me are reaching out and talking to me about this. So I ask you, if you are interested, ask me about this project. If you see me at work, at the store, or at church, let’s stop and have a chat. If you want it to be more private, send me an email @ jmedows74@gmail.com. If you want others to share in this excitement, please share this blog post.

Until the next time!


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