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Back Again!!

📸: Ché Headman

Hey yall. Glad to be back to writing again. I’ve had a busy month working extensively on my podcast, dealing with kids playing sports, working a full time pharmacist job, and keeping up with the fall calving herd. Thanks to everyone who has had the opportunity to subscribe, download, and listen to the Ag State of Mind Podcast. It has truly been one of the funnest, yet most challenging things I have done.

So in the first few weeks of recording my podcast, I was presented with the opportunity to join the Global Ag Network (GAN). GAN is a network of agriculturally based news, entertainment, and podcasts in one site. As you could imagine, I was very excited to be presented with this opportunity to get my podcast in front of a whole new audience.

However, in the process of this transition, there was a mixup with Apple Podcasts. Instead of transfering my feed on the new show, they created a whole new show for me. This resulted in lots of listeners being confused as to where to find the show. So, in an effort to be thorough, I will share the various places where you can access the show.

GAN website

This is the main page of my podcast. If you are on a computer, this would be the ideal place to listen to the podcast.

Apple Podcasts

This would be the ideal place for folks who use Apple products to access the podcast. This is done through the Apple Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad


Stitcher is kind of the best of both worlds as its easily accessible from both a PC and from your phone via the Stitcher app



I’ve never been a huge Spotify fan, but I know folks who love it. The biggest advantage I can see to Spotify is it’s a place that has both music and podcasts on one site. Personally, that seems a little busy and I like to keep the two separate… but like I said, that is a personal preference.

Google Play Store

I have zero experience using the Google play store, as I’ve never owned an android device. But in an effort in being thorough, the link is above

Other Podcast Apps

Castbox and Podcast Addict are the only others that I can think of. I’m not sure of the advantage of either of these, but I know folks who use them. If anyone can comment to this, I would love to hear your insights.

I hope this information helps any of you who are not sure where to find the podcast. I’ve had outstanding support through all of this and I appreciate that more than any of you may ever know.

Once you find the podcast on these respective sites, please be sure to go and leave us a review. Good reviews help us reach a broader audience.

Thanks again and I’ll talk to you again soon.

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