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Greetings!! Its been a wild week for my family and I. As is the case with many of you, our 4 boys are all out of school and are at home with Keri. However, that doesn’t mean that they are bored. The have been working with show animals, feeding the commercial herd, checking on heifers calving, playing ball, fishing, and all kinds of other things to fill the time. I spoke about this in a post last week, we are so fortunate and grateful that we live rurally. It makes times like this much easier to handle.

For me, my job at the hospital has been bananas crazy. There is all kinds of prep for the potential COVID-19 cases that may be coming our way. Folks are getting presctiptions early because they are self quarantining. Patients are stocking up on cough and cold medications. It’s just a really strange time for me at work.

So my increased responsibility at work has actually came at a good time for the boys being home. I’ve been able to shift some of my farm responsibilities to the boys while I’ve been focused on the work at hospital and on the podcast. Dave Pratt always talks about figuring out the jobs are worth $15/hour and have someone else do those and figure out the $100/hour jobs and do those yourself. So feeding the cows hay during this time is a $15/hour job and me riding around checking the cows afterward is a $100/job. I’m thankful that the boys are finding as much value in doing the work as I find in them doing it for me!

Carter with our snow cattle
Cooper and Boone’s 4-H lamb and Goat

I want to make all of you aware of a number of different podcasts this week where I am either the host or the guest being interviewed,

  1. My regularly scheduled weekly episode with Amanda Radke. I speak to Amanda about her many roles as a rancher, wife, mother, blogger, speaker, and advocate for the beef industry. This was an incredible opportunity to speak to someone who has been such an inspiration to me. Find that episode here
  2. My first bonus episode with the Linda and Charlotte from AgriSafe was released today. We speak about COVID-19 and its effect on the Ag industry. I really enjoyed talking to these ladies and it helped put a lot of my own anxieties about COVID at bay. Find that episode here
  3. I was a guest on the Farm Traveler Podcast. Trevor was kind enough to invite me on to talk about both my cow-calf operation and my podcast. Trevor has been a great friend and resource to me over the past couple months. I’m grateful that we have connected.
  4. Lastly, I was fortunate to be featured on the Missouri Farm Bureau’s Digging In Podcast. I talk to Eric about my podcast and work I’m trying to do in bringing awareness to mental healthiness in agriculture. This was really cool for me to be featured by MOFB as my brother is a long time agent with the company and I’ve been a member for much of my life!

You can find all of these episodes on-line on their own websites or by finding them on the podcast providers. I will link each episode on Apple Podcasts below.

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