I Have To Be Busy!!

Taking away the less productive tasks from our operation has left time for things like running to fill my cup Greetings folks!!! Spring is finally here in Missouri. We have spread fertilizer, turned our cows to green pasture, I'm already behind on cutting my grass, Keri and the boys are planning our garden, and we've … Continue reading I Have To Be Busy!!

Royal Flush

In the game of poker the strongest hand you can have is the royal flush, if you are not a poker player a royal flush consists of a Ten, Jack, Queen, …Royal Flush

ASOM Ep 29

Check out this week's episode of ASOM with my friend Will Evans of the Rock & Roll Farming Podcast https://globalagnetwork.com/ag-state-of-mind-with-jason-medows/podcast/asom-ep-29-will-evans-rock-roll-farming

To My Friends In Dairy

Greetings Brother and Sisters! I hope reading this finds you well. We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and there is a lot of uncertainty in the world. In my two worlds, healthcare and agriculture, this uncertainty seems to be magnified and exponential. In my health care career, our medical center is preparing … Continue reading To My Friends In Dairy