Take A Rest

Greetings everyone! It's been a long time since I've composed an actual blog entry. I've been utilizing this space to write show notes and provide links for the guests of my podcasts, but not actually taking my thoughts and putting them into words as was the original intention of this blog. We all have to … Continue reading Take A Rest

ASOM Ep 57 Chelsea Hanson – Sasse Lake Farms

https://globalagnetwork.com/ag-state-of-mind-with-jason-medows/podcast/asom-ep-57-chelsea-hanson-sass-lake-farms As some of you are aware, November is Men's Health Awareness month. Often times, this month is focused on physical health issues such as prostate cancer. I want to take it a step further and shift the focus of this month to men's mental health. I plan to speak to several men throughout this … Continue reading ASOM Ep 57 Chelsea Hanson – Sasse Lake Farms

ASOM Ep 56 – Megan Teerlink Getting Mindful with Megan

Source: Getting Mindful with Megan on Soundcloud https://globalagnetwork.com/ag-state-of-mind-with-jason-medows/podcast/asom-ep-56-megan-teerlink-getting-mindful-with-megan Today is a unique episode of the podcast...and if I'm being honest, it's a tad bit selfish. Megan Teerlink hosts my new favorite podcast, Getting Mindful with Megan. She takes an unique approach to mindfulness, intentionality, and self improvement by drawing from her life as a yoga … Continue reading ASOM Ep 56 – Megan Teerlink Getting Mindful with Megan

ASOM Ep 55 – Emma Rose Ploch

https://globalagnetwork.com/ag-state-of-mind-with-jason-medows/podcast/asom-ep-55-emma-rose-ploch-found-in-the-field It is my belief that the mental health of students during the COVID-19 pandemic has not gotten the proper attention. We are trying to do our part here at ASOM to remedy that. Emma Rose Ploch is a student at the University of Missouri and is founder of the Ag Advocacy page Found in … Continue reading ASOM Ep 55 – Emma Rose Ploch

ASOM Ep 54 – Austin Black – Freedom Financial Coaching

https://globalagnetwork.com/ag-state-of-mind-with-jason-medows/podcast/asom-ep-54-austin-black-freedom-financial-coaching For lots of us, money is a point of great stress. We are always seeming to chase the dollar thinking that more money equals a better life. Our guest today challenges that a bit. Austin Black is a financial coach with a passion for helping those invovled in agriculture. Today, we chat with Austin … Continue reading ASOM Ep 54 – Austin Black – Freedom Financial Coaching