Ag State of Mind Episode 62 – Being a Man

Thanks to you all for tuning in this month to our series where we dive into talking about men’s health. I want to thank all of the guests this past month… Henry Roberts, Allan Kehler, Matt Niswander, and Bryan Moes for their contributions to this mission of ours. It was so refreshing to hear their perspectives and to know that there are other men who are putting themselves out there to make mens health a priority!

Today, I want to wrap up November with my own perspective on what being a man and masculinity mean to me. When researching the term “masculinity,” I found a number of virtues that are associated with it. To me, there were 3 virtues that I felt stood out above the rest… Leadership, Strength, and Courage. I’m going to dive in a bit to what those things mean to me and how I strive to make them a priority in my life. I wrap up by talking how anxiety is a tool and not something we should be scared of. It’s how we deal with anxiety is where the problems come.

Something I didn’t mention in the episode that I meant to is a struggle I have with my own manliness and masculinity. I’m here to admit that I am likely the least handy man on this Earth. I am lucky to drive two nails straight. When it comes to putting things together around the house, that task usually lands to Keri and Levi.

I have struggled with this for a lot of years. I have felt that it made me less of a man and that I was somehow broken because of this perceived weakness. But in reading my friend Nick Matiash’s book “Moving Past Mediocre” my perspective on this. There is nothing I can do with my inability to be handy other than constantly try to improve. There is no reason for me to be shy about telling folks this is something I struggle with. Being able to build a shed for my wife does not make me more of a man than not being able to. I often have asked Keri if this mattered to her… her response has always been somehting like “It would be nice but it doesn’t make me love you less or make me think you are less of a man.”

What more justification do I need. My masculinity is not tied to my talents, my abilities, or my possesions. It’s tied to how I use what God gave me and use it in a way that makes me strong and helps those around me.

I hope you enjoy this episode and the mini blog post from these show notes.

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