ASOM Ep 65 – Ramblings

Solo episode today that was recorded on a whim. I chat for a bit about my son Levi’s integral part in this podcast through his editing and feedback. I then chat about what’s to be expected for this podcast and the mission of ASOM going forward. Lastly, I talk about the Christmas season and my hope for the world. Wanting for us to return to a nation and a world who can focus on the good instead of amplify the bad. I appreciate all of you who helped this podcast grow in 2020 and look forward to more growth in 2021

One thing I failed to mention in the podcast is the opening of our new business, Kula Yoga & Fitness. I have dreamed of owning a small business in my hometown. Keri has dreamed of opening her own yoga studio. So this is an excellent place for us to join forces as a family to bring value to our community. We are very excited for this opportunity… so, if you would like to follow along click the link above to give us a like on Facebook.

2021 is going to be an excellent year. Success is inevitable!!

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