Sober October Journal Day 1

It has been an incredibly long time since I have written here. I realize many of you who follow along keep up on social media as well, so you know that things have been incredibly busy for me.

As I have stated on my Facebook/Instagram today, I am going to participate in my own version of Sober October. I have not drank alcohol in well over a decade, so I guess I have always kind of brushed off this concept personally. However, I have always been curious what an experience like that would be like. Giving up a source of pleasure for an exteded period of time to see what my life would be like without it.

Then I opened up my phone this morning and read a message on a form in a group I am in. A man whom I consider a friend and mentor, Vance Crowe, challenged each person in our group to find our own version of Sober October. I won’t divulge too much here to maintain the sanctity of our discussions, but he wanted us to do some introspection into something that is not serving us well. Once we find that, accept the challenge to use the month of October to fast from that.

I was electrified. I tend to think in black/white scenarios so I THOUGHT Sober October had no application to me since I did not drink. However, just like any human, I still have many vices. What is something that would be challenging for me to give up for a month that abstaining from would serve me well? My first thought was junk food. A good idea, but thought that it was a little too broad and left itself up to a little too much interpretation. After discussing it with Keri, who is always up for these kinds of challenges, we decided on no added sugar for the month.

I’ve started challenges like this before and failed due to lack of accountability. I wanted a place to be held accountable where I felt like if I failed, I wasn’t only letting myself down… but others as well. Thus, my decision to begin a daily public journal of my thoughts and observations while abstaining from sugar.

Today is day 1, October 1 and I have found myself at least a few times primed to go grab something sugary. There is a coffee shop behind me at work with all kinds of pastries. There is a vending machine full of candy bars right out my door. Hardest of all, our cafeteria at work has a soft serve ice cream machine. We also take turns at the pharmacy buying trail mix with lots of added sugar in it. I guess I didn’t realize how much added sugar I am surrounded by every day.

This challenge was not worth accepting if it wasn’t going to be difficult. Roughly 12 hours in and I am pleased to say that I am starting strong.

Let me know in the comments or on social media if you plan to abstain from anything for any given period of time. I would love to form our own community around this challenge.

See you tomorrow!

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