Sober October Journal: Day 7

So today has been a little different for me. I slept in. I needed the rest as I’ve been going pretty hard in the paint lately. Waking at 0400, write for approximately 20-25 minutes, feed the calves, then head out to work. I’ve changed it up as I am now parking right at work and running from the parking lot… then coming in and using the locker room showers at work. I found that the time between workout and work was the hardest for me to manage, so eliminating some of the unnecessary from that has been awesome.

Today, I needed extra rest. I fell asleep on the couch around 830 last night, woke up and went to bed at 11. When the alarm went off at 4, I could feel I needed more. So I laid back down and didnt get up until 6. In times before, this would have wrecked me. I would have felt an intense amount of shame around not getting up and going through the normal. However, as I get a little wiser, I find that I need to do more to listen to my body. Our bodies will tell us just what we need if we know how to listen. I obviously needed that extra rest.

Not really any temptations for sugar. But I still feel the accomplishment of one more day down. This may be something that continues past this month because I love the way I feel!!

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