Sober October – Day 18 – Sorry That Was a Big Gap

That was a big gap. My bad.

We spent the weekend celebrating Keri’s birthday. Like I said in my Instagram Post, we will leave her age up to interpretation 😉 . Every year for her birthday, I take Keri to St. Louis to go shopping for clothes. This year was no different. Now I Don’t particularly enjoy shopping perse, but I love spending time with Keri and enjoy watching her enjoy herself. So if it takes shopping together to do that, I am game.

One of the wisest pieces of advice came from my dad many years ago. I’m not even sure I had a girlfriend at the time, let alone a wife. We were sitting in the coffee shop with a bunch other men and they were all complaining about how thier wives spent too much money at the beauty shop and on make-up. After they left, he told me one of the best things you can do as a husband is enjoy your wife spending money on herself. If she is spending that time and money on herself then she respects herself and wants to be her best and that in turn helps her be a better wife and mother.

It’s funny the little miniscule pieces of advice that come when you least expect them. I didn’t think what my dad said that day would stick with me for 20 plus years. But it’s likely the most sound piece of marriage advice I have ever received. I’m thankful for the wisdom of my dad. His words continue to guide me well into adulthood.

Out of order here I know, but Friday, Keri’s actual birthday, we spent time with our good friends the Millmans from Illinois. They were in town and we took them out to eat at our favorite BBQ restaurant in town. It was incredible to see them and spend time with them. We spent nearly 3 hours in the restaurant catching up. We realized it had been nearly 2 1/2 years since we had seen one another.

All this being said, I continue to stick with my commitment to no sugar. Every day it gets a little bit easier. I do not have the cravings like I did in the beginning. I believe this will be something that will stick with me as I reach the end of this month. I will partake time to time, but the sugars that came from day to day things may be a thing of the past. I believe that is the point of this entire concept of a month long fast. It helps you reevaluate the decisions you make and can alter your palate a bit.

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