Sober October Day 19 – Rest

Another day down, another success

I’m actually writing this considerably later in the day than normal. Not that it’s late… it’s actually still before 6 am

Keri and I had plans to run together this morning at home. It’s the full moon and we try to make it a point to run together each month on the full moon. Just one of our fun traditions to do as a couple.

But through circumstances, we both decided that rest would be the best option for us this morning. October is a really hectic time with all that is going on. Between soccer, yoga, calving, podcasts, and this little 40 hour a week job I have, it’s been just a tad on the busy side. Adequate sleep has come at a premium.

There are times in the past when “sleeping in” like this would’ve driven me nuts. But now I know how important it is to rest and recoup after a busy time so I can get back after it and be my best!

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