Sober October Day 20

Continue winning the battle.

Today was a typical day. Nothing extraordinary. I worked, came home, checked cows, fed, then recorded a podcast while most everyone else was out of the house.

My podcast was with my friend Sammi Wangsness. We talked about her journey through ADHD. How she changed her approach in college and how that approach has continued to serve her throughout her days since.

After our conversation ended, I found myself reflecting throughout the night and into this morning. So often when we recognize we have an issue that needs to be addressed, we think that once we make the changes that the results should be immediate. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes time and it takes work.

I heard an analogy on the Ed Mylett podcast one with regards to an ice cube. Often, freezers are kept somewhere between 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit. So when that ice cube is in its normal environment, its a long ways from where any phyical, noticeable change can take place. When the process of melting begins to take place, the temp of the ice cube is slowly increased toward the melting point of 32 degrees F. Lots of change happens along the way. It takes lots of effort for that ice cube to raise from 10 degrees to 27 degrees. Lots of things are going on inside… some significant change. However, it is not noticeable to the outside world. It’s not until it actually reaches that 32 degree threshold when everyone else notices the ice cube physically changing.

That is much like when we make a change. Whether it be making mental changes, losing weight, putting on muscle, incorporating new habits, etc., we make so many internal changes BEFORE it actually gets noticed.

So whatever those changes are, keep making them even though you don’t see results right away. You may never know how close you are to that melting point.

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