Sometimes No Doesn’t Mean No


Sober October is coming down to a close and I’m finding out so much about myself

But today is not about me. It’s about the wonderful pair that is my wife and oldest son

Earlier this year, Levi found out that his chapter would not be attending the annual National FFA convention in Indianapolis. We were quite disappointed that he was going to miss out on the opportunity to miss two years with last years event being canceled

But in true Levi form, he took to the internet to find out if there was still a way for him to attend. Much to my surprise, he found out he could attend as long as he would take a chaperone. His mother, always up for a good road trip, was very eager to volunteer for this endeavor.

Soon we had an Airbnb booked for Levi and Keri to stay in downtown Indy for National Convention. They left out Wednesday after they dropped the other boys off at school. They arrived in Indy about 3 pm local time and we’re amazed at the spectacle that was downtown Indy.

I will save the rest of their experience for them to share at a later date. What I do want to share is how awesome it is to share a house with two people who just plain aren’t afraid. Levi nor Keri gives a damn about anyone else’s paradigms of behavior when it comes to trying to get the most out of life. The easy thing to say is that I envy that about them

But I don’t have to envy that. I can embrace that as a part of our family culture. The old cliché “I’d there’s a will there’s a way” comes to mind. We didn’t want Levi to miss out on the experience of National Convention yet another year. We had to shuffle our schedules A LOT to make this happen. I cleared podcast schedule, Keri had substitute yoga class teachers, Mom is helping get the kids to and from school… but we made it happen

Our fortune in the situation is not lost on me. I’m very grateful we are at a place in our lives where we can make a decision like this. We are blessed to have a life and support where we can make this happen for our kids. I’m so thankful we have a culture in our home of getting the most out of life.

My heart was full I had to share this will all of you. I hope you can find fortune and gratitude in your hearts. Like Megan Teerlink says “Gratitude is a superpower”

Well Dale Yeah

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