Sober October Journal Day 5

Last night I was asked to speak at a banquet for the Crawford County 4-H leaders. I shared with them my experience in 4-H and how it has helped me and my family over the years. Of course there was dessert there and I thought I was going to have to abstain again. Luckily, someone … Continue reading Sober October Journal Day 5

Sober October Journal Day 4

"Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew." - Cicely Tyson

Sober October Journal Day 3

Boone going wild on some cheese cake seemingly taunting his dad Yesterday was tough. I got it done but it was incredibly tougher than the two days prior. We were surrounded by lots of temptations for me all day long. For those of you who are following along, this weekend was General Conference for our … Continue reading Sober October Journal Day 3

Sober October Day 2

Mama and fresh baby born this morning! Day 2 complete No sugar for 48 hours. I'll be honest... the first day was much tougher than the second. Going on a date night without getting any dessert was extremely tough for me. Eating dinner at one of our favorite BBQ spots last night, the waitress kept … Continue reading Sober October Day 2

Sober October Journal Day 1

It has been an incredibly long time since I have written here. I realize many of you who follow along keep up on social media as well, so you know that things have been incredibly busy for me. As I have stated on my Facebook/Instagram today, I am going to participate in my own version … Continue reading Sober October Journal Day 1