November Gratitude Journal Day 2- Social Media

Good morning all and feliz día de los Muertos

Today I am writing about the blessing in my life that is social media.

I know that in this day and age, social media is a peculiar thing to be grateful for. Social media can cause such havoc and is to blame for much of the division within our country currently. However, Paracelsus is famous for once saying “The dose makes the poison.” Social media can be a cancer if it is used too much or improperly. Be that as it may, it can also be an incredible tool for facilitating lifelong relationships.

Take for instance this morning when I woke for the day. Normally, I try to wait about 30 minutes after I wake up to get on social media. But today was different for some reason. I logged on soon after I woke up and was immediately thankful that I did. I found two seperate posts from friends talking about my podcast.

One was from Sammi Wangsness, this week’s guest on ASOM. She did me the honor of plugging our episode together before I had the chance to do so. Sammi is one of my favorite humans on earth and we owe the privilege of knowing one another to social media. If it were not for Twitter and Instagram, her and I would not know each other existed. What a blessing to our lives.

Also as I woke up this morning, I saw that my episode with The Rural Housewives had been posted. These girls and I have been trying to get together since the spring to record an episode and we finally made it happen. I’m so thankful that they took the time to have me on the podcast to chat about the importance of chatting about mental health with men. Again, another relationship made possible by social media.

Lastly, some of my closest friends in the world and I got together a few weeks ago to record the 2 year anniversary of the Ag State of Mind podcast. My buddies Jeff Ditzenberger, Tyler Keckley, Nathan Brown, Quentin Conneally, and Henry Roberts all joined me to chat all things mental health, fatherhood, and agriculture. I love these guys and consider each of them best friends. Again, made possible by social media

So if you find yourself cursing social media, I challenge you to step back and also look at the blessing it can be to our lives and focus on that.

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