November Gratitude Journal Day 3 – The Enneagram

Greetings. Hope all is well in your world. Today, I am actually taking a step away from my normal world. I slept in a bit, took a day off from exercise and work, and will be heading down to Springfield in a few hours to speak at the Missouri Forage and Grassland Council annual conference. I’m very excited to share my message with a new group of people.

Today, I want to express gratitude for the Enneagram. For those of you who may not have heard of the Enneagram, it is a personality typing tool that breaks down the patterns of human behavior into nine distinct types. Each type has a specific motivation, along with basic fears, levels of health, and so forth.

A few years ago, Keri heard of the Enneagram on a podcast and she wanted each of us to take the quiz. So being the good husband I am, I obliged. I had no idea the effect that it would have on my life. I found out so much about myself and about my relationship with Keri.

I found out that I am a type 3, the Achiever. I found out that my distinct motivation was Worth/Self-Importance. Keri, on the other hand, is a type 6… the Loyalist. Her core motivation is Security/Guidance. So, as you can imagine, we look at the world and individual situations quite differently.

I won’t spend too much time speaking about our individual types. Just know that it was like a lightbulb went off over our relationship. It helped us understand one another so much. There were so many times where each of us was just perplexed about a certain issue the other was having. The Enneagram helped solve so many of those conundrums.

The Enneagram has helped me become so much more self aware and has helped me understand my relationship with Keri so much more in depth. So my challenge to each of you is to either take the Enneagram Test or read summaries of the individual types and see which one speaks to you the most. It is an incredible task in self realization and I promise it is time well spent.

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