Clarification On My Disney Post

I feel like I was probably limited in my representation of my last post. I want to talk to my children about race and sexuality in the way I want to. I do not want it in entertainment because I feel that it is too sacred and important of a topic to be just casually thrown in to movies. Any lesson I learned on anything didn’t come from a Disney or any sort of movie growing up… it came from my parents and adults close to me.

I simply shared why my family was doing what we were doing. I in no way said it’s what everyone should do. I said everyone should be mindful of the content they consume and make sure it aligns with their values.

I’ll continue to watch Disney movies with my kids if they want to. Sadly, my kids are growing out of the age where they will watch those sort of movies and it’s time to have real conversations. The core tenet we will teach them is to approach each relationship with love and understanding… much like the Savior would do.

I’m far from a trusted source on anything other than my own personal take on issues. If you would rather not hear those, no hard feelings but you’re welcome to move along. I respect your decision to do so.

Even though you may not agree, my decision was a family first decision. I apologize if any feelings were hurt as that was never my intent. I believe in a robust first amendment and that all viewpoints should be allowed on this or any other public forum ✌️

One other thing I’ll hit on is this… I got a few messages that my post had nothing to do with mental health and agriculture. I push back against that a bit and say if it is part of my lives experience… then it has everything to do with it. But also… from time to time I am going to share some of my own personal, non directly ag related thoughts and feelings. As much of a right as I have to share those, you all have just as equal of a right to not read those or any of the rest of the blogs which I write.

Across all of my social media I encourage robust discussion of all points of view, no matter how controversial they may be. I hope to create open, sensible dialogue around matters that are controversial and difficult.

I have a heart filled with love and I hope to share that with anyone that is willing to listen


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