General Conference

Howdy Friends! Happy Monday!! We had an incredible weekend. We had General Conference, Lamb Weigh In, attended Little House on the Prairie presented by our local actors theatre, rode horses, tilled the garden, and just overall enjoyed our time as a family. General Conference in our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, … Continue reading General Conference

Clarification On My Disney Post

I feel like I was probably limited in my representation of my last post. I want to talk to my children about race and sexuality in the way I want to. I do not want it in entertainment because I feel that it is too sacred and important of a topic to be just casually … Continue reading Clarification On My Disney Post

Why My Family is Cancelling Disney Plus

Howdy friends Hope all is well! Just a bit of a forewarning here before you read any further... today's post is a bit personal and political in nature. I pride myself in my ability to reach across the political aisle and befriend even people with whom I disagree... so I know there will be people … Continue reading Why My Family is Cancelling Disney Plus