Ag State of Mind Episode 142 – Debby Despain – Mindfulness

In mental health circles, mindfulness is becoming a very popular approach to tackling acute issues. I know in my life, practicing mindfulness has been so important to me being my best self

This past Independence Day weekend I had the fortune to set down with Debby DeSpain and chat about mindfulness. We talked about how she came across my article in Progressive Cattleman by accident, but decided she needed to reach out anyway. We chat about how busy and crazy the lives of folks in agriculture can be and how implementing a bit of mindfulness into daily practice can help us be our better selves. To reach out to Debbie… email her at

To find the Progressive Cattleman article that inadvertently connected Debbie and I, click here

ASOM – Ep 145 – Alexis Johnson – Farm Tee Co Ag State of Mind with Jason Medows

Alexis Johnson from Farm Tee Company joins me to day to talk about her business and how she started her mission to make high quality apparel that farmers and ranchers could wear and show their pride for where they live. We talk about the pride in loving where you farm as well as the challenges that come with building a brand. Find Alexis at
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