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Latter Dad Saint Blog: Feelings On My Religion

Greetings Friends

It has been too long.

Most of the time, I seem like the appropriate way to speak my mind and express myself is through my social media channels.

However, when the feeling hits right, I feel like the blog is the way for me to voice my thoughts

Since this past weekend was the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I felt like a long overdue Latter-Dad Saint entry was appropriate

This thought came to me actually as I was washing my hands.

I looked down at my lanyard around my neck and saw my vial of oil that I keep with my keys and badge

I wont go too much into detail on this right now, but this vial of oil has sacred significance. It is used by worthy priesthood holders to administer to the sick and afflicted. Working at the hospital, I am often called upon by members of our church to give them a blessing when they are here for one reason or another. It is an honor and duty I for which I hold the utmost reverence.

Just glancing at this vial today reminded me of how much I enjoy being a member of this church. Is it always easy to be a member you may ask… and the answer would be an emphatic no. Living in a world that is becoming ever more removed from the reverence associated with religion, holding on to my convictions can be incredibly challenging from time to time. But it is through the constant testing that the world sends my way in which I can seek God and find Him through trials.

I’m very careful to not call what I have pride in my church because I think that would be contradictory. Pride has no place in our church. Instead I say I have joy in regards to my church and religion. I want to remove myself as much as possible and give all the glory to God.

If you are ever curious about our church, please message me and I would love to chat with you about it. If you’d like to take it a step further and attend church, I’d love that even more. If you don’t live close to me, find a church meetinghouse close to you using the Church’s meetinghouse finder

I love this Church so much and want to share and spread that love wherever I can!

“…an invitation that is born of our love for others and for the Lord Jesus Christ and our desire for the happiness of these friends and family members will never be seen as offensive or judgmental.”

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
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