Latter Dad Saint Blog – Can We Find Joy in Suffering?

No matter how miserable the trials and suffering we go through in this life, Jesus is right there with us. He manifests himself through the Spirit, but also through the love and support of friends, family members, and community. Jesus is there even in the suffering.

Latter Dad Saint Blog: Why I Believe in God

That's how I know God is real. It's becoming ever more popular to not believe in God. I'll admit, sometimes it seems like a very abstract existence. However, when situations like this happen I cannot deny His existence.

Ag State of Mind Episode 131 – No More Mr Nice Guy

How I have changed my habits in regards to agreeableness and assertiveness

Why I Wear A Cowboy Hat

Howdy Friends A conversation between Keri and I sparked the idea for this blog post. Last night, I had the privilege of speaking to the Missouri State University Cattlemen. What an incredible opportunity to speak to some wonderful young men and women at an immaculate facility. Being that the event was in Springfield, I live … Continue reading Why I Wear A Cowboy Hat

A Mess in New Mexico

The girls and I are stunned about what is going on out in New Mexico For those who haven’t heard, there are several estray cattle roaming the Gila National Forest on the Arizona/New Mexico border . According to the Federal Wildlife Service, these animals are grazing on sensitive forage. Here is where my mouth was … Continue reading A Mess in New Mexico

Our Children Need To See Us Fail

Greetings I had a bit of a revelation this week. It is in reference to an experience I had deer hunting with my son, Carter This week, we are in the middle of the firearms portion of deer hunting in Missouri. I am not an avid hunter. However, my boys want to hunt and I … Continue reading Our Children Need To See Us Fail

November Gratitude Journal Day 2- Social Media

Good morning all and feliz día de los Muertos Today I am writing about the blessing in my life that is social media. I know that in this day and age, social media is a peculiar thing to be grateful for. Social media can cause such havoc and is to blame for much of the … Continue reading November Gratitude Journal Day 2- Social Media

November Gratitude Day 1

Sober October has come to a close. I learned a lot about myself and my weaknesses and built upon those. I dad taxed my kids Halloween candy last night as a bit of celebration. I am going to continue my sugar abstinence for the month. However, instead of withholding from something for a month, I'm … Continue reading November Gratitude Day 1

Sometimes No Doesn’t Mean No

Greetings. Sober October is coming down to a close and I’m finding out so much about myself But today is not about me. It’s about the wonderful pair that is my wife and oldest son Earlier this year, Levi found out that his chapter would not be attending the annual National FFA convention in Indianapolis. … Continue reading Sometimes No Doesn’t Mean No