November Gratitude Day 1

Sober October has come to a close. I learned a lot about myself and my weaknesses and built upon those. I dad taxed my kids Halloween candy last night as a bit of celebration. I am going to continue my sugar abstinence for the month. However, instead of withholding from something for a month, I'm … Continue reading November Gratitude Day 1

Sometimes No Doesn’t Mean No

Greetings. Sober October is coming down to a close and I’m finding out so much about myself But today is not about me. It’s about the wonderful pair that is my wife and oldest son Earlier this year, Levi found out that his chapter would not be attending the annual National FFA convention in Indianapolis. … Continue reading Sometimes No Doesn’t Mean No

Sober October Day 19 – Rest

Another day down, another success I'm actually writing this considerably later in the day than normal. Not that it's late... it's actually still before 6 am Keri and I had plans to run together this morning at home. It's the full moon and we try to make it a point to run together each month … Continue reading Sober October Day 19 – Rest

Sober October Day 14 – Don’t Blame Meat For What Sugar Did

Early morning. As I type this out it is 424 am. Sleep has actually come quite easier since I have undertaken the sugar fast. I know that this is no coincidence. On last week's podcast, my friend Nicole Rodriguez and I discussed disrupters and how they can affect our sleep. We spoke specifically of alcohol, … Continue reading Sober October Day 14 – Don’t Blame Meat For What Sugar Did

Sober October Day 9

So I can't think this is absolutely a coincidence but i believe the sugar fast is showing tangible results. We are in the middle of our training for the Hot Chocolate 15k in a couple of months. Today our training called for a 5 mile run. Over the past few weeks I have been nursing … Continue reading Sober October Day 9

Sober October Journal Day 4

"Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew." - Cicely Tyson

I Have To Be Busy!!

Taking away the less productive tasks from our operation has left time for things like running to fill my cup Greetings folks!!! Spring is finally here in Missouri. We have spread fertilizer, turned our cows to green pasture, I'm already behind on cutting my grass, Keri and the boys are planning our garden, and we've … Continue reading I Have To Be Busy!!

Mental Health IS For Everyone!

Just because we may not struggle with anxiety or depression does not mean we shouldn't focus on our mental health. This hot September weather we are having in Missouri makes me wish I had to dress like this again. Also, how has Boone grown up so much?? This picture was taken earlier this year 😳😭 … Continue reading Mental Health IS For Everyone!