Embrace The Suck

Corn yields in Hamilton County, Neb. are impressing scouts.( Pro Farmer Crop Tour scouts ) In the military, there’s this concept called “embrace the suck,” which is defined as To consciously accept or appreciate something that is extremely unpleasant but unavoidable. I think that this is a concept that can relate to all of us in … Continue reading Embrace The Suck

Important Things To Remember When Markets Plunge

The beginning of this week saw both grain and cattle markets take a significant dip. Some important things to remember while we are going through lean times. Wyatt Bechtel ( Weaning or Backgrounding Calves The first two days of this week have been tough for the ag industry. Monday, we saw the cattle futures tumble … Continue reading Important Things To Remember When Markets Plunge

Be Mindful of Cyberbullies

We are seeing increasing numbers of ag producers becoming transparent on social media. This, in turn, is causing an increase in the number of nasty "activists" who troll those same well meaning producers. How can we be vigilant in combatting these cyberbullies. https://www.morningagclips.com/cyberbullying-by-activists-adds-stress-for-farmers/ An article on Morning Ag Clips described the increasing pressures being put … Continue reading Be Mindful of Cyberbullies

Addressing the Disconnect Between Producers and Consumers

Food sourcing has become a hot button topic among those in the agriculture community recently. What is food sourcing and how can it affect the mindset of our farm businesses? Valley Oaks Steak Co. of Lone Jack, Missouri is in the midst of a lawsuit filed by neighboring residents. The new buzz in the food … Continue reading Addressing the Disconnect Between Producers and Consumers