Latter-Dad Saint Blog: Reflecting on the start of my conversion

I'm now proudly sober and will never miss an opportunity to speak up and advocate for it.

Latter Dad Saint Blog – Can We Find Joy in Suffering?

No matter how miserable the trials and suffering we go through in this life, Jesus is right there with us. He manifests himself through the Spirit, but also through the love and support of friends, family members, and community. Jesus is there even in the suffering.

Latter Dad Saint Blog: Why I Believe in God

That's how I know God is real. It's becoming ever more popular to not believe in God. I'll admit, sometimes it seems like a very abstract existence. However, when situations like this happen I cannot deny His existence.

Why I Wear A Cowboy Hat

Howdy Friends A conversation between Keri and I sparked the idea for this blog post. Last night, I had the privilege of speaking to the Missouri State University Cattlemen. What an incredible opportunity to speak to some wonderful young men and women at an immaculate facility. Being that the event was in Springfield, I live … Continue reading Why I Wear A Cowboy Hat

Our Children Need To See Us Fail

Greetings I had a bit of a revelation this week. It is in reference to an experience I had deer hunting with my son, Carter This week, we are in the middle of the firearms portion of deer hunting in Missouri. I am not an avid hunter. However, my boys want to hunt and I … Continue reading Our Children Need To See Us Fail

November Gratitude Journal Day 2- Social Media

Good morning all and feliz día de los Muertos Today I am writing about the blessing in my life that is social media. I know that in this day and age, social media is a peculiar thing to be grateful for. Social media can cause such havoc and is to blame for much of the … Continue reading November Gratitude Journal Day 2- Social Media

Sober October Day 19 – Rest

Another day down, another success I'm actually writing this considerably later in the day than normal. Not that it's late... it's actually still before 6 am Keri and I had plans to run together this morning at home. It's the full moon and we try to make it a point to run together each month … Continue reading Sober October Day 19 – Rest

Sober October – Day 18 – Sorry That Was a Big Gap

That was a big gap. My bad. We spent the weekend celebrating Keri's birthday. Like I said in my Instagram Post, we will leave her age up to interpretation 😉 . Every year for her birthday, I take Keri to St. Louis to go shopping for clothes. This year was no different. Now I Don't … Continue reading Sober October – Day 18 – Sorry That Was a Big Gap

What 4H Has Meant To Me

This past week, my friend Gennifer Cape asked me to present to the annual Crawford County 4H Leaders Banquet. I talked about what 4H has meant to me and my family and how it has affected our lives. Here are the words from my talk. If you aren't already, I encourage you to find out … Continue reading What 4H Has Meant To Me

I Have To Be Busy!!

Taking away the less productive tasks from our operation has left time for things like running to fill my cup Greetings folks!!! Spring is finally here in Missouri. We have spread fertilizer, turned our cows to green pasture, I'm already behind on cutting my grass, Keri and the boys are planning our garden, and we've … Continue reading I Have To Be Busy!!