God Is Paying Attention

This weekend was stacked full of trials. But I believe that it is because of my preparation that God has presented these challenges for me The twins had a successful first soccer game of the season!! Greetings friends and neighbors!! Well that was a crazy weekend for me!! I was a solo parent for the … Continue reading God Is Paying Attention

Important Things To Remember When Markets Plunge

The beginning of this week saw both grain and cattle markets take a significant dip. Some important things to remember while we are going through lean times. Wyatt Bechtel ( Weaning or Backgrounding Calves The first two days of this week have been tough for the ag industry. Monday, we saw the cattle futures tumble … Continue reading Important Things To Remember When Markets Plunge

Take Time For Loved Ones

Our crazy family after church, Mother's Day 2019 In a fast paced society, our relationships often take a back seat to our careers and other obligations. Greetings All! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. At our house, we were able get some of our hay put in the barn, attend church, and celebrate our … Continue reading Take Time For Loved Ones