Sober October Day 2

Mama and fresh baby born this morning! Day 2 complete No sugar for 48 hours. I'll be honest... the first day was much tougher than the second. Going on a date night without getting any dessert was extremely tough for me. Eating dinner at one of our favorite BBQ spots last night, the waitress kept … Continue reading Sober October Day 2

Mental Health IS For Everyone!

Just because we may not struggle with anxiety or depression does not mean we shouldn't focus on our mental health. This hot September weather we are having in Missouri makes me wish I had to dress like this again. Also, how has Boone grown up so much?? This picture was taken earlier this year 😳😭 … Continue reading Mental Health IS For Everyone!

God Is Paying Attention

This weekend was stacked full of trials. But I believe that it is because of my preparation that God has presented these challenges for me The twins had a successful first soccer game of the season!! Greetings friends and neighbors!! Well that was a crazy weekend for me!! I was a solo parent for the … Continue reading God Is Paying Attention

Important Things To Remember When Markets Plunge

The beginning of this week saw both grain and cattle markets take a significant dip. Some important things to remember while we are going through lean times. Wyatt Bechtel ( Weaning or Backgrounding Calves The first two days of this week have been tough for the ag industry. Monday, we saw the cattle futures tumble … Continue reading Important Things To Remember When Markets Plunge

Take Time For Loved Ones

Our crazy family after church, Mother's Day 2019 In a fast paced society, our relationships often take a back seat to our careers and other obligations. Greetings All! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. At our house, we were able get some of our hay put in the barn, attend church, and celebrate our … Continue reading Take Time For Loved Ones