Latter-Dad Saint Blog: Reflecting on the start of my conversion

I'm now proudly sober and will never miss an opportunity to speak up and advocate for it.

Latter Dad Saint Blog: Taking Emotion Out of Decisions

If you want to determine the nature of anything, entrust it to time: when the sea is stormy, you can see nothing clearly.

Latter Dad Saint Blog: Do we need religion?

I post this at the risk of being chastised for having a biased view to

Latter Dad Saint Blog – Can We Find Joy in Suffering?

No matter how miserable the trials and suffering we go through in this life, Jesus is right there with us. He manifests himself through the Spirit, but also through the love and support of friends, family members, and community. Jesus is there even in the suffering.

Sober October – Day 18 – Sorry That Was a Big Gap

That was a big gap. My bad. We spent the weekend celebrating Keri's birthday. Like I said in my Instagram Post, we will leave her age up to interpretation 😉 . Every year for her birthday, I take Keri to St. Louis to go shopping for clothes. This year was no different. Now I Don't … Continue reading Sober October – Day 18 – Sorry That Was a Big Gap

Sober October Day 9

So I can't think this is absolutely a coincidence but i believe the sugar fast is showing tangible results. We are in the middle of our training for the Hot Chocolate 15k in a couple of months. Today our training called for a 5 mile run. Over the past few weeks I have been nursing … Continue reading Sober October Day 9

Sober October Journal: Day 7

So today has been a little different for me. I slept in. I needed the rest as I've been going pretty hard in the paint lately. Waking at 0400, write for approximately 20-25 minutes, feed the calves, then head out to work. I've changed it up as I am now parking right at work and … Continue reading Sober October Journal: Day 7

Mental Health IS For Everyone!

Just because we may not struggle with anxiety or depression does not mean we shouldn't focus on our mental health. This hot September weather we are having in Missouri makes me wish I had to dress like this again. Also, how has Boone grown up so much?? This picture was taken earlier this year 😳😭 … Continue reading Mental Health IS For Everyone!

What has helped me… Part 3

Utilization of some mindfulness techniques can be crucial in dealing with anxiety I keep having red calves this year. No new bulls, no new cows, but a lot of them are having red calves instead of black. I'm fine with it. I think the red calves tend to be a little more weather tolerant than … Continue reading What has helped me… Part 3

What has helped me in dealing? Part 2

Yesterday was National Dog Day. Figured I would include a picture of Finn in his element Greetings. Thanks to those of you who reached out and gave me your feedback and testimonies regarding my latest post about my experiences using medication for anxiety treatment. It's something that I've struggled with accepting so it felt good … Continue reading What has helped me in dealing? Part 2