Real Men Talk About Mental Health

Last month, I was asked to write a guest blog for Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri. You can find the original post here As Mental Health Awareness Month winds down, I wanted to share this post again with our audience. Anne Shaw-Heinrich is the VP of Development for MHA-EM as well as a fellow … Continue reading Real Men Talk About Mental Health

I Have To Be Busy!!

Taking away the less productive tasks from our operation has left time for things like running to fill my cup Greetings folks!!! Spring is finally here in Missouri. We have spread fertilizer, turned our cows to green pasture, I'm already behind on cutting my grass, Keri and the boys are planning our garden, and we've … Continue reading I Have To Be Busy!!

Mental Health IS For Everyone!

Just because we may not struggle with anxiety or depression does not mean we shouldn't focus on our mental health. This hot September weather we are having in Missouri makes me wish I had to dress like this again. Also, how has Boone grown up so much?? This picture was taken earlier this year 😳😭 … Continue reading Mental Health IS For Everyone!