How Each Of Us Can Combat Climate Change

This has been on my mind quite a bit lately.

One of the most popular points of discussion in our society today is how our individual food choices can affect climate change. There is LOTS of talk about how eating meat, dairy, and other traditional sources of nutrients can be detrimental to the environment.

To me, this is a position that can only come from a place of privilege. So many are not in a place to make a decision to curtail or eliminate meat, eggs, or milk from their diets. They are the most economical way to obtain their nutrition.

However, there is something that each of us CAN and SHOULD do to curtail both climate change AND world calorie deficits.

EACH of us can drastically reduce our food waste. According to @usdagov somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of food produced in this country is wasted.

I’ve realized lately that food waste can show up in a lot of different ways.

Here are ways @kerimedows and I are going to do our part to reduce our food waste going forward

1) Eat all we cook. We have a big family. We eat a lot of food. Sometimes we only have just a couple of servings of leftovers after a meal… not enough for a whole additional meal. But after several days of meals, we have several days of leftovers. When this happens, we have a leftover meal where everyone can have their choice.

2) Commit to not overeating. This is probably the one I’m most guilty of. Especially when eating meat 🍖 🥩, I always end up eating WAY more than I should. Going forward, I am measuring out the meat I’m going to eat, then placing the remaining in the fridge for another day.

My challenge to each one of you is… find ways where you can reduce your food waste. Make practical decisions that will be both blessings to your family and to the Earth. Each of us doing our part will have a lasting impact

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