ASOM Ep 57 Chelsea Hanson – Sasse Lake Farms

As some of you are aware, November is Men’s Health Awareness month. Often times, this month is focused on physical health issues such as prostate cancer. I want to take it a step further and shift the focus of this month to men’s mental health. I plan to speak to several men throughout this month to help start a more meaningful conversation around men’s mental health. Today’s episode is kind of a kick off for our series. Chelsea Hanson and I have been friends through social media for serveral months now. It’s been a pleasure to follow along with her family’s farm operation in Southern Minnesota. Recently, Chelsea reached out to me and wanted to have a discussion around the importance of males and that we need make sure our men know how important they are to families and to farms. I am very thankful for Chelsea reaching out for this conversation as it is something that I have been wanting to talk about for quite sometime now. I feel like the perspective surrounding men’s health and its importance is very powerful coming from a woman. Men make sure you listen to this episode and ladies make sure you tell the men in your life about it!

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