Sober October Journal Day 3

Boone going wild on some cheese cake seemingly taunting his dad

Yesterday was tough. I got it done but it was incredibly tougher than the two days prior. We were surrounded by lots of temptations for me all day long.

For those of you who are following along, this weekend was General Conference for our church. It’s a bi-annual event where we stay home for the weekend and watch broadcasts of talks from our church leaders. Surrounding this, we always have traditions… and those traditions always surround around sweet food.

One of those traditions I did allow myself to partake in was eating pizza and wings on Saturday. While it does not fall in line with my original stance of no junk food for October, I allowed myself that indulgence as there was no sugar involved. However, yesterday the boys had root beer floats and s’mores from the fire pit in our backyard. Wow that was incredibly tough. After church was over, we went to my mother’s house for dinner and she had made both a cherry cobbler and brownies. Anyone who knows my mom knows she makes the BEST desserts.

Although yesterday was an incredibly difficult day, I was able to stay strong in my decision to abstain from added sugar. I find myself reaching for fruit instead of my normal sugar fixes during this time. Replacing bad habits with good habits may be a great result of this challenging month.

One more day down.

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