My Father’s Day Present

Keri and the boys bought me a Blackstone for Father’s Day. What an incredible present. I’ve been wanting one for some time now and they graciously obliged. They gave it to me about two weeks early and we have been putting it to use ever since.

But that isn’t my true Father’s Day gift. My true gift is something MUCH more precious and long lasting than a grill

It’s the commitment to structure and hard work my family has. You see this week before Father’s Day, Keri went out of town for our Stake Young Women’s camp. Keri loves to go on these campouts because she loves the Young Women. In a house full of males, it’s her only time to be fully immersed with other females.

I thought that it was going to be an incredibly stressful week for me. We are finishing up calving, still in the middle of baseball, and we are deep in the hay. Keri being gone during all of this was just going to add an extra level of stress to all of it… or so I thought.

Little did I know that Levi was going to cook dinner almost every night for the family while she was gone. He even brought me dinner to the field while I was baling hay one evening.

Little did I know the boys would remain rigid to the schedule that their mother and I provided for them while she was gone and I was at work. Wake up, take care of animals, fix yourselves breakfast, no devices before 10 am. Carter even wrote down a recipe for how to make himself oatmeal in the mornings.

I’m so thankful for the structure that surrounds our household. Even though it can be tough on all of us at times, I think the boys appreciate it as well. I’m so thankful for Keri’s commitment to this structure. She truly is the best mother that I know

So my true Father’s Day present is long lasting. It’s something I’m fortunate to have every day of the year!

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