Sober October Day 2

Mama and fresh baby born this morning!

Day 2 complete

No sugar for 48 hours. I’ll be honest… the first day was much tougher than the second.

Going on a date night without getting any dessert was extremely tough for me. Eating dinner at one of our favorite BBQ spots last night, the waitress kept coming out serving those around us apple turnovers with ice cream. That was really tough for me to turn down. But I did it and am celebrating that win.

Today was Saturday and it was actually fairly easy to lay off of any sugar today. We didn’t run as per usual due to some much needed rain in the area. I used the rain and cooler temps to check some cows and haul some heifers to town. It was also General Conference for our church so in between everything we sat down and watched that today. Not a lot of free time to be sneaking in any sugar so a very successful day 2.

Small wins each day will help us accomplish great things in no time!!!

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