Sober October Day 9

So I can’t think this is absolutely a coincidence but i believe the sugar fast is showing tangible results. We are in the middle of our training for the Hot Chocolate 15k in a couple of months. Today our training called for a 5 mile run. Over the past few weeks I have been nursing a few injuries. One in my groin and another in my abdomen. Not to mention I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis over the last several months. These things combined have made my runs incredibly dificult and slow lately. But today I found myself able to run much faster than I have been. I did get new shoes with extra cushion, but I also know the change in my diet is helping me to perform at a higher level. It’s incredible when you can start to find the real world applications of what you know to be both anecdotally and scientifically true.

We also had a great day at the soccer field as both of the boys’ teams won. Boone scored his first goal of the season and had a couple great assists. Cooper played outstanding defense against a very tough opponent. In the afternoon, the boys had a friend over and they rode horses. Marvelous day here!!

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